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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Quilting against the clock... Part iv

Well, it has been a few days since I lasted posted... Work got in the way meaning that time I could have spent doing the project was spent behind a follow spot at a school concert!

I couldn't wait to get started on this next square... The kiwi for my parents very recent trip to New Zealand...

I couldn't find any brown fabric that I liked so I got some brown felt as I thought this would look okay.

The picture was another cartoon I found and it was easy to cut into blocks... A lot easier than the previous ones!

The biggest challenge for this was the felt as the bondaweb didn't particularly like being stuck to it so I did have to use a few more pins than previous squares.

This was an easy appliqué job too... So it was quite satisfying to complete it in a shorter time than usual!


  1. Do you also stitch round the item - I'd be concerned the bondaweb would not hold. But then, I'm suspicious of "new" stuff like that!

  2. I still sew around the items too... It makes it a lot more secure... The bondaweb just helps the pieces stay in place while I sew around them!