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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Maid to order...

My aunt is a volunteer for the National Trust and, at Christmas was asked to do a cooking demonstration to make mince pies.

 My mother told her that I have made a few hats and things in my time so got in touch with me to make her a mop cap. After getting her head measurement (and scouring local haberdasheries for white cotton - not easy!) I then had a scoot around the Internet and through a stack of books and combined it all to come up with a pattern that was 1) easy to do and2) something I could post and adapt if needed. My biggest thing was trying to find something that was big enough and round enough to draw around so instead had to use the tried and tested compass method I was taught many years ago at primary school... Using a pencil, string and a drawing pin stuck into a mat! I then cut out the template pieces (two circles of equal size) and then drew on two small circles to guide me when it came to elasticating the cap. I then sewed around the outside edge of the circle leaving a gap to turn it inside out. It was then pressed. I then sewed the two lines for the elastic.

I measured the elastic and carefully fed it through the cap. I was surprised how quickly it came together. I then sent it on to my aunt.

 I wish I could show you a photo of my aunt in her full volunteer gab but she is a tad camera shy so you'll have to do with the photos I took of it before sending it to her...

 p.s shameless advert.... I also make these for my etsy shop...

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Back dough-ing my thing... At last!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I last wrote on my blog... But a lot has changed since I last wrote...

The long and short of it is that I have changed job so work less hours for more money (work that out) and get to spend two whole days with my gorgeous daughter which I wasn't able to do beforehand.

I still seem to work in the evenings but that is more my thing rather than work making me...

However, the upshot of all of this means I now have more time for my hobbies: crafting, reading and cooking... And coming up with weird and wonderful ways of doing all three!

As a house move will be happening in the next three months (something I loathe!) I am trying to get myself prepared for events which might just coincide with boxes moving west of the country...

So, I also wanted to combine some of the crafts I do with things that my growing and ever more curious daughter could enjoy with me. And here is our first joint venture (which doesn't involve too much mess!)... Salt dough!

I found a recipe while surfing the net and was taken in by the fact you didn't need to bake it for over 3 hours ...  Instead you bake it in the microwave.

It comes from - a brilliant site that has all kinds of activities to keep kids busy.
So... Me and and little girl mixed the dough together and I let her play with it for a bit too as what 16 month old doesn't like to get their fingers covered in sticky goo?!

We then roughly rolled out the dough and cut the main shape using a large cookie cutter and then a smaller one to cut out the middle. (I did have to stop my daughter trying to eat the middle bit at this point!)

The shapes were then heated in the microwave in small batches (although the larger the batch the longer the initial drying takes) once the shapes were solid I then put them on the radiator to get rid of any extra moisture that the microwave couldn't do!

A couple of days later (after laying down an old shower curtain as floor protection) we got out an assortment of water based acrylic paints and brushes and I let my daughter do her stuff!

After the shapes were painted they were air dried on the radiator.

I then applied a couple of layers of sealant which was also air dried.

As a finishing touch I added some bakers twine for a hanging.

So here they are: a great present for relatives and so quick and easy to do!