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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Maid to order...

My aunt is a volunteer for the National Trust and, at Christmas was asked to do a cooking demonstration to make mince pies.

 My mother told her that I have made a few hats and things in my time so got in touch with me to make her a mop cap. After getting her head measurement (and scouring local haberdasheries for white cotton - not easy!) I then had a scoot around the Internet and through a stack of books and combined it all to come up with a pattern that was 1) easy to do and2) something I could post and adapt if needed. My biggest thing was trying to find something that was big enough and round enough to draw around so instead had to use the tried and tested compass method I was taught many years ago at primary school... Using a pencil, string and a drawing pin stuck into a mat! I then cut out the template pieces (two circles of equal size) and then drew on two small circles to guide me when it came to elasticating the cap. I then sewed around the outside edge of the circle leaving a gap to turn it inside out. It was then pressed. I then sewed the two lines for the elastic.

I measured the elastic and carefully fed it through the cap. I was surprised how quickly it came together. I then sent it on to my aunt.

 I wish I could show you a photo of my aunt in her full volunteer gab but she is a tad camera shy so you'll have to do with the photos I took of it before sending it to her...

 p.s shameless advert.... I also make these for my etsy shop...


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    1. Thank you so much for this... It will make things so much easier!