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Sunday, 1 February 2015

A personal A to Z!

At the moment my mind is very much turned towards my daughter and things that she might enjoy or help her learn about the world around her - so I apologise for there being a second post that is baby-related!

Although she is only 16 months she loves reading and letters of all kinds so this is how I came up with this latest little project : Sophia's Alphabet

The first of all I made the list of everything for each letter and picked out her grandparents and pets and then added other familiar items from around the house to fill up the other letters.

I then took photos of the items and printed them off.

These were then trimmed and stuck to some coloured card (cut to size to fit in a card storage box I had found!)

Carefully I wrote the corresponding letter on the front next to the photo and then wrote the name in full in the back (in my best writing!)

The cards were then covered in sticky back plastic to make them last a bit longer as my daughter is definitely at her most destructive at the moment!

And here is the complete set...

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