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Thursday, 6 March 2014

A bump for a World Book Day...

Between the school I work at and the nursery I send my daughter to there is no getting away from World Book Day.

I was informed last week that the children at my daughters nursery would be taking part in this day by reading from their favourite books and dressing up as characters from books... My heat sank. My daughter is only six months old (in fact 6 months today!) and has problems knowing what is edible and what is not so dressing her up in fancy dress was not something that I relished. On top of that is the fact that the show that I am currently working on with my school goes in to crazy week and I felt I really didn't have the time to be faffing over a costume.

While coming home inspiration struck ... What about a decorated baby grow?

My husband is good at copying from pictures so he offered to copy a Mr. man from my daughters bookcase... And he chose Mr. bump.

The character was drawn on a plain white baby grow with sharpie which didn't bleed...

She looked a little cutie!

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