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Friday, 14 March 2014

Getting cosy...

First of all I need to make a quick confession. This week has been a school production week so I have not been able to write on the blog... This upsets me quite a lot but, as the next production is not for a fortnight so it means I can get back to writing and crafting!

 So, I needed a quick project to get my fingers busy once again so chose another free gift to get things going. This gift was from Mollie Makes and was a mug cosy.

 The instructions were clear and easy and templates were simple but effective. The mug I wished to cosy was wrapped in the neon pink felt and trimmed down to size.

The diamonds were cut out of the grey and white felt and then laid on the pink felt. The instructions said you needed to stick the diamonds onto the felt but I couldn't find my fabric glue so skipped that step.

 A thick silver thread then sewed the diamonds to the felt.

 The Velcro was then sewn onto the felt and a button was used for decorative purposes.

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