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Saturday, 8 March 2014

The heart of the matter...

After the success of the crab cupcakes my husband wanted to test his baking skills.  But, not to be outdone by my red velveteen cupcakes he decided to make a giant rainbow coloured sponge heart cake!

Again, this recipe was from 'Zombie ate my Cupcake' by lily Vanili... And she shows you how to make lots of mini hearts as cupcakes and how to make rainbow coloured cake.

My husband painstakingly bought all the ingredients making sure that he bought gel food colouring rather than liquid colouring...

He made six colours of sponge mix and then carefully layered it together.

Once baked he rolled out some fondant to make the outside layer and dyed the icing pink.

For the fake blood he used tinned summer fruits...

The cake tasted amazing and our nephews loved it! Gruesome but nice!

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