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Monday, 27 January 2014

A bit about me...

I spend a lot of time making stuff. My brain is constantly thinking if things to make, do and mend. The problem is that I don't always get the opportunity to do this.

Five months ago my life changed forever in the form of a chubby ball of smiles and cries called Sophia. It changed for the better and has made me more aware of others and how crazy it is that anyone has survived being a parent with so little sleep! Despite all this I love being a parent. I also love being a wife. I also love my job.

I have been married since 2011. My husband is also a crafty type (although he would claim it is mostly 'scientific stuff' that he creates. I beg to differ.

I work as a drama teacher but also create props and costumes for productions hence the reason why some  times my work and home life seem to coldie more often than not.

So, why start a blog?

Well, for the things are created in our home. But also for somewhere to ponder. I want to post tutorials but also give inspiration to others. The crafts will be varied although my favourite pastime is being sat at my sewing machine...

I might also include a few book reviews ... I am a massive bookworm too ...

Other likes include an unhealthy obsession with rubber ducks and chickens... But I promise not to go on about those!

Sewing crafts, books and a young baby - what could possibly be wrong with that!

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