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Friday, 31 January 2014


The biggest problem I have found  after giving birth (other than the distinct lack of sleep) is the fact that I still can't quite fit into my pre pregnancy clothes so still can be found wearing elasticated waistbands and maternity clothes.

To be fair I loved my dresses and have been slowly adapting then so they look less like tents and more like something I can wear to work.

I miss a lot of fashion fads but love the sales after them as it is usually where I can pick up some great bargains! I never quite got the idea of wearing a collar necklace but when I found one in a sale I knew it would be perfect to make my dress more dressy.

I took off the necklace fastenings (with a nifty pair of pliers) and then pinned the collar to the dress with lace pins (they leave next to no hole in the fabric when used!) the thread of choice was invisible thread which blends nicely into whatever you are sewing but also can be a little like sewing with fishing wire. I was sewing by hand - I have no experience of using the stuff with a sewing machine so have no idea what it is like.

The hand sewing took hardly any time at all - a quick and simple way to update a dress!

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