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Friday, 31 January 2014

An obsession with history and chickens...

Creativity doesn't stop with me in my house. My husband is also an amazing crafter and a very talented cross stitcher.

During a spell of unemployment (due to us moving up north because of my job) my husband started to get cabin fever in a big way so needed a project to concentrate his mind. My grandfather was a whizz at cross stitching so I suggested to my husband that maybe he should try it.

After being a little reticent he completed a starter pack in minutes and progressing through every small project given to him he needed a huge challenge.

One of our local haberdashers is a place called The Viking Loom in York. It sells crafting bits and pieces for every hobby but also has an amazing array of cross stitch projects. One that they displayed in their window was that of the Kings and Queens of England (designed by Bothy Threads) and we knew this was what my husband should tackle next.

Over the following months we planned our wedding, prepared for a gruelling house move and my husband also started a temporary job in a school teaching biology. He also set a target to finish the project before our wedding... And by golly! He did.
It now sits with pride on our bedroom wall and is used as a reminder that perseverance  pays off.

After the success of the Kings and Queens he completed a few small projects and also decorated our newly purchased house (as I do not enjoy painting walls!)

Early last year I found out I was expecting our first child and this prompted a flurry of activity and the completion of many projects before the impending arrival. And my husband started a cross stitch to keep his mind focused of an evening and it meant that he could hide away with it when I had any hormonal strops!

This project was another by Bothy Threads called Hen Fun. I love chickens and my dream is to, one day, have my own chickens that lay eggs that I can then turn into cake. At the moment it is not going to be possible but the dream is still there. So my husband was doing this one for me.

It was so sweet to see him taking absolute pleasure in making each chicken and even naming each one after a member of our household (including the pets!).

It took him just over 2 months to complete as well as him doing a full time university course (a decision that has made him happier than ever).

The finished piece now hangs in our daughters bedroom and one day will hang in my office (when I have one!) I love seeing it. It reflects his love.

His next project is for our daughter ... I will post again when he finishes it!

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