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Friday, 31 January 2014

Shark attack!

With valentines day looming and everything related to valentines being pink, full of hearts and cutesy stuff my husband dreads the day. He hates that kind of stuff. Every year I struggle to find him something which has the right sentiment but doesn't come across as too sickly sweet.

This year I decided to make my own present for him. A pair of shark slippers.

My husband is animal crazy... But also loves things that are unique and quirky ... And he bashes slippers to pieces so is in constant need of a new pair or two so shark slippers seemed a good thing to do!

My husband has size 12 feet so I bought the slipper bases on the Internet (link below). I also bought foam for the shark shapes.

I drew out a template and cut out the shapes and pinned them in place. I then sewed the two side pieces to the slippers by hand.

Before sewing on the head pieces I stuck on triangles for the teeth. After leaving it to dry I then sewed the head piece to the top.

I found some googley eyes in my craft boxes and stuck them on.

I now await what my husband thinks ... I hope he likes this alternative valentines gift!


  1. These are very possibly the best things I have ever seen. XD