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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Family matters...

I live a good 200 miles from my sister and parents but I would like to say that I have a good relationship with them.

The whole 'I enjoy sewing' thing has certainly got its advantages from my family's stand point it means that I will quite willingly adjust and hem various items of clothing.

My sister embraces most fashion trends and had bought a onesie during the January sales. The problem was that it had feet and whenever she wore it (and ignored the constant ribbing from her now fiancé) the feet flopped around like a pair of flippers. So she asked whether I could remove the feet and put in some elastic at the bottom.

This seemed like a straight forward request until I realised that the seam at the bottom of the leg was not straight. A lot of puffing and sighing then ensued as I painstakingly unpicked the legs and the feet.

My sister helpfully sent me her ankle measurement so I could tailor the bottom of the leg properly. I pinned it to the desired length, trimmed any excess fabric and then used a contrasting thread to sew it in place (she had requested this!) leaving a gap to feed the elastic through.

I then fed the elastic through the tube using a safety pin. I have found that a big safety pin is the easiest thing to use as I find this quite a fiddly job and it usually takes me a couple of goes to get it right!

Once the ends meet sew them together and close up the gap.

Easy peasy!

Note: no photos of the onesie ... My sister says she would throttle me ... Sisterly love, eh!

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