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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Making the apron strings...

I sometimes find when I am out shopping that there is some amazing fabric out there but it comes with a hefty price tag. But on the other side of it there are some beautiful tee towels out there tat are crying out for a new use other than drying the dishes!

Purple is my favourite colour so when I picked up a pack of tee towels a couple of years ago with different hues of purple I knew that I simply had to make a half apron out of them.

The only extras that I needed for this project was a length of bias binding and something to make the ties. These particular ties are off a bridesmaid dress that was adapted for my wedding a couple of years. I kept the off cuts for a rainy day. A thick length of ribbon would also suffice.

I cut the tee towel in half. I put the half I wanted to keep to one side. With the other half I cut it into half again. This would act as the pocket of the apron.

Around the sides of the pocket and the main part of the apron sew around the bias binding. The bias binding works better if it is pressed in half first as it feeds through the sewing machine better. This can also be done by hand if you prefer!

Then sew the pocket with whip stitch to the main apron.

The attach the apron strings to the back. I used a simple running stitch but it might be better to sew it with your machine. (I didn't as my machine was having an off day and refused to take the fabric!)

And there you have it!

This pattern can be adapted and changed to purpose. I use the apron when I am crafting and need a lot

of little things at the same time. I have also used it at school during school productions for the normal paraphernalia that is needed there too.

This project does not cost a fortune ... Give it a go!

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